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The Evolution of Ad Listings Over Years

| Information | December 24, 2014

Times are indeed changing since everything is revolving around the internet. Online services came to make work easier without having to strain to accomplish. Shopping online has been the trend of today. It has not been simple shopping via the internet but it has reduced cases of congestion in outlets. People have many duties to perform today and it is for that matter that they will look for convenient ways of assisting them and that is going the online way. Before, it was hard accessing relevant information concerning an item or a service that you intend to buy since advertising was all in the print, television and via radio mediums. Today, the internet has enabled many to get the information they need at their own convenience.

The evolution of advertising mediums has been tremendous and especially after the introduction of internet services. Though the traditional methods of advertising are still been used and are still relevant, it is important to take the route of going the online way from the small to the big companies. It all started with the sending of emails through spam messages but it was realized that the intended messages did not reach to the targeted market. Today, a number of channels have enhanced advertising a brand through the internet. Though the computers are the main gadgets that brought about online advertising, others have also played a major role

Mobile devices: they include smart phones and tablets, which have existed for over eight years. These devices have been good channels of advertising since they could distribute ads to a larger number of people.

The social network: social media is working wonders in the marketing field. In fact, it is one of the best ways of placing ads since it tends to reach to a large number people globally. It all started with Facebook, which came in 2004 and got the interest of many. With social media, you are not to pay an ad space to advertise your brand since all that matters is an account. When twitter came, it caught the attention of many followers and it is actually the best platform to list your ad as compared to Facebook.

Streaming live involves the use of digitalized ways to access information from TVs or radios without using the cable system an example of the medium is the YouTube. The advertisers however must be careful when selecting an ad since they ought to be creative but very short while using this platform.

What are the advantages of advertising via online other than through the print media?

Every company deserves a marketing department whose duty is to ensure that the brand is known and it reaches to the market as expected. Advertising is the best way to reach to potential customers but one should get the best strategies on how to go about it. As mentioned earlier, the print media has been outshined by the internet services. This is because everyone is seeking the internet to solve actually every problem that arises. Before, print media was a good way of listing ads because then there were no technological advancements. However, when the online services came, it caught the attention of many who also got the interest of exploring further. Today, a few people have the interest of looking at the ads in a newspaper or the posters that are placed on the walls.

  • When a company decides to advertise their brand, they ensure to set aside some large amounts since advertising can be quite expensive. The benefit of using the internet is that you will spend less and reach many audiences. In some cases, you can even spend nothing especially when placing ads on the social media.
  • You are likely to reach your target audience by advertising through the internet by opening websites that have information talking about a brand. In case of the fear that your brand is new in the market and it might get the attention of many, it is wise to connect with a renowned company and have your ad placed at a section of their website or ad space.
  • Online advertising creates a connection between the local people and globally. Through such interactions, you get to learn about how your product is fairing in the market according to the reviews listed.

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