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Free Classified Ad Listings becoming more popular

| Information | December 17, 2014

Classified advertising can be termed as a form of marketing which is quite common in the print media preferably the newspaper or through online. The classifieds found in the newspapers are quite short and they are paid for depending with the space that an ad has taken. However, some periodicals are printed and distributed free. Classified advertising are quite cheaper unlike taking a whole page in a newspaper to post a message. Small businesses or individuals when posting items they intend to buy or sell mostly use classified ads. However, the ads are separated into sections to enable the access of each category. Today the classified ads have taken a different route by being included in the internet services, the television and radio broadcasts.

Since the classified ads got to being on the online services, there exist classified sites, which are good at connecting one to an ad of one’s choice.


This is the most renowned classified site that has been used by many to acquire just everything that is needed from a classified advert. For many years, this site has been of use though it is facing some challenges from other sites because it lacks visual design and the functionally in searching. However, it offers free services just as other classified ad sites.

EBay/ kijiji

Like craigslist, this large classified site covers a large area in the ad categories, which includes, renting, purchasing, selling, posts of job opportunities and events. However, you will not find personal matters in this site. This site is quite helpful and especially to those in need of fast details. One is that it is easy to sort goods with their prices and pictures on them then the ads stay for as long as two months on the site before being replaced.


Just as its name suggests, this site is good at helping buyers and sellers exchange goods for goods or services without using money and the site as their mode of communication. This form of classified ad is not so common in most states but it is of help to those who intend to sell second hand items. Nevertheless, the site may seem useless especially when one is required to move so far in search of a good or service.


Here users register using their emails in order for them to access the site. The site includes job postings and property rental listings and it does not include personal matters. When it comes to the search of job and product listings in a particular city, the site will only show the results indicating a city and nothing more.


This one is good at assisting in the search of particularly every detail that you desire. It is good at highlighting all sections of classified ads, which may include jobs, community services, selling of property, real estate etc. with the colorful icons, you are able to search listings across the globe and locally.

Some other free classified sites may include Pawngo, which operates like a pawn shop, Locanto and Tradio.

How free classified ads have boosted the growth of online selling

The paper classified ads are quite cheaper but they are incomparable to the online classifieds. Through the online classifieds, it is easy to boost your business as well as get the opportunity to purchase goods at fast and recommendable rates. Today, the online business is the trend because buyers are able to take time to compare the goods or services with very many other options hence make a decision. The fact that there exist numerous classified ads, it simplifies the work of shoppers since they are able to get the services and goods according to the listings. This enhances a connection of buyers and sellers locally and globally. The overflow of mobile devices which includes smartphones and tablets have also contributed to the rise of online selling since potential buyers use them to access different classified sites to get what they need at their conveniences.

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